Exams Briefing for First Year Students.
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Wed, 2016-01-20 09:15

(Pictured: Dr. Ngesu addresses first year students about exam regulations, lookin on is Mr. Kimathi)

The School of Education organized an exams orientation session for first Year students who will be sitting for their end of semester 1 ordinary examson 13th-26th January 2016. This session was mainly organized to brief students about about the University of Nairobi’s examination rules and regulations.

The session was attended by Dr. Lewis Ngesu, Associate Dean and Chairman of the Educational Foundations Department, Mr. Cyrus Kamichi, Senior Administrator; School of Education and Mr. Kimathi, an Administrative Assistant and alumni of the College of Education.

Dr. Ngesu; in his address to the students wished the students the very best in their exams and explained why exams are a fundamental and longstanding tool used by institutions across the globe to test if students have grasped course content. He also passed regards and best wishes from the Dean, School of Education.

During the briefing, Mr. Kimathi took time to give his own personal experience as a way to motivate students to adhere to the set rules and regulations pertaining to exams and discipline. As a former student, Mr. Kimathi was involved in a series of indisciplinary cases that saw him take over 7 years to graduate.

Mr. Cyrus Kamichi gave a detailed presentation on the university of Nairobi’s examination. Key among them;

-Students are expected to have cleared fees before they sit for their exams.

- Students are required to carry exams cards to the exam room for every exam. Official exam cards are issued by the Dean’s Office, School of Education.

- Students will only sit for exams for the courses they registered and confirmed on the online students portal.

- Students are not allowed to carry electronic devices like laptops and phones to the exams room.

All speakers addressed the dangers of  exams cheating. The Unviversity of Nairobi exam guides clearly states;

All students that should know that cheating in examinations is a serious matter  punishable by expulsion of the offender from the University in accordance with Senate’s Resolution 1913 and 1914 of  12th July 1978. “

The Dean, Prof. Akala; Associate Dean, Dr. Ngesu and staff of the School Education wish all first years the best in their exams.



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