Symposium: De-colonizing Knowledge and African Development
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The Department of Educational Foundations will hosted a ONE Day Symposium on Thursday March 14, 2019 at the College of Education and External Studies,  The theme of the symposium was “De-colonizing Knowledge and African Development”. The purpose of this symposium was to have an academic dialogue and discourse from experienced educational scholars on the ways in which wide educational knowledge contexts can be decolonized for inclusive social development in Africa. The general rationale for the symposium was partially responsive to the continuities of colonial knowledge systems which is not conducive to the overall well-being of African peoples. This should be complemented by the fact that African traditional knowledge systems are rich and capable of enhancing African socio-economic advancement and related social development possibilities.  

Prof. Ali A. Abdi- University of British Columbia, Canada, gave a keynote address on De-Colonizing Knowledge and African Development: Critical Perspectives. In addition, faculty members had 3 panel disccusions focusing on various themes. Panel presentations were made by 9 members of staff based on their area of specialization.

About 31 delegates from various departments attended the symposium.  The event was officially opened by the College Principal, Prof. Jumba. 

HERE: Symposium program for more details

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