Plagiarism checking software
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Here is the list of  Plagiarism checking software (Free/proprietary)

1. Turnitin (Proprietary software): Turnitin is an Internet-based plagiarism-detection software. This is one of the best proprietary software available in market, it not only use for checking research paper, university and college use for checking the student paper too.

2. Viper (Free software): Viper is another plagiarism checking software, which have already scanned 10 million resources as claimed in there website. the best thing of viper is its free.

3. Plagiarism detector (Free software): is a plagiarism detection software, its fast and reliable plagiarism detection software as mentioned in their website.

4.  Plagirisma.Net (Free online checking): can check plagiarism online by simply copy and paste the text in the box.

5. Copyscape (Online Free Plagiarism detecting software)