Calendar of Activities in Educational Foundations
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All Calendar of Activities
Starting in 2013
   Start Date End Date Title UnitType Venue Contact
106-May-201323-Aug-2013 Teaching Practice Educational FoundationsOthers All over Kenya
220-May-201320-Jun-2013 Reporting of First year, B.Ed Arts and Science Educational FoundationsStaff University of Nairobi, Kikuyu campus
308-Jul-201312-Jul-2013 Supplementary examinations Educational FoundationsStudents Kikuyu Campus
412-Aug-201312-Aug-2013 Reporting of M.Ed Foundation Students Educational FoundationsStudents 8.4.4 Building, Main Campus
512-Aug-201312-Aug-2013 Research Proposal presentations for M.Ed (Foundations) Educational FoundationsStudents Ambank House

613-Aug-201323-Aug-2013 M.Ed Foundations Lecture Sessions Educational FoundationsStudents Parklands Boys High School
726-Aug-201330-Aug-2013 End of Semester Exams Educational FoundationsStudents Parklands Boys High School.
802-Sep-201320-Dec-2013 Courses in the Department Educational FoundationsStaff Mwalimu Hall (Kikuyu Campus) and Uhuru Hall (Kenya Science Campus)
920-Sep-201320-Sep-2013 Graduation of Staff Members Educational FoundationsStaff Graduation Square, University of Nairobi
Starting in 2014
   Start Date End Date Title UnitType Venue Contact
1013-Jan-201429-Aug-2014 SCHEDULES OF ACTIVITIES FOR EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS DEPARTMENT 2014/2015 Educational FoundationsStaff
1103-Feb-201407-Jun-2014 M.ED EXAMINATION TIMETABLES Educational FoundationsStaff Ambank House Dr. lewis Ngesu
1314-Apr-201402-May-2014 2013/2014 OUTREACH GROUP 21 TEACHING TIMETABLE (B.ED - ARTS) Educational FoundationsStaff VENUE: EASTLEIGH HIGH SCHOOL. Dr. Lewis Ngesu
1414-Apr-201403-May-2014 M.ED TEACHING TIMETABLE STARTING NEW UNITS APRIL 2014 (DECEMBER 2012 COHORT AND APRIL 2014 COHORT INTAKE) Educational FoundationsStudents Jamhuri High School Dr. Lewis Ngesu
1508-Jul-201411-Jul-2014 M.ED EXAMINATION TIMETABLE DATE: 8th JULY- 11TH JULY 2014 Educational FoundationsStaff AMBANK HOUSE Dr. Lewis Ngesu
1611-Aug-201414-Aug-2014 M.ED EXAMINATION KISII CAMPUS TIMETABLES Educational FoundationsStudents KISII CAMPUS Dr. Lewis Ngesu
Starting in 2015
   Start Date End Date Title UnitType Venue Contact
1713-May-201531-Aug-2015 TFD 301 Teaching Schedule May-August 2015 Educational FoundationsStaff Kikuyu Dr Ngesu
Starting in 2016
   Start Date End Date Title UnitType Venue Contact
1804-Jan-201608-Apr-2016 Teaching Practice (KCSE 2011 Cohort) Educational Foundations
1911-Jan-201622-Jan-2016 First semester examinations for 1st year (KCSE 2014 cohort) Educational Foundations
2011-Jan-201611-Apr-2016 Semester Two (2) begins for 2nd and 4th year and Semester One (1) for 3rd year (KCSE 2012 cohort) Educational Foundations
2101-Feb-201629-Feb-2016 Marking of Semester one (for years 1,2,3 and 4) and semester two (3rd year) regular students and Outreach, Evening and Postgraduate exams begins. Educational Foundations
2212-Feb-201629-Feb-2016 Marking of Exams ends for all years. Educational Foundations
2315-Feb-201619-Feb-2016 Training on Ph.D supervision. Educational Foundations
2419-Feb-201619-Feb-2016 Submission of All results for examinations done in December 2015 (Postgraduate and Undergraduate) Educational Foundations
2501-Apr-201601-Apr-2016 Setting and Moderation of 1st semester exams for 2nd years. - Setting and Moderation of 2nd semester exams for 1st , 3rd and 4th year Educational Foundations
2611-Apr-201611-Apr-2016 2nd semester exams begin for 2nd years Educational Foundations
2723-Apr-201623-Apr-2016 2nd semester exams begin for 1st , 3rd and 4th year Educational FoundationsStudents
2802-May-201605-Aug-2016 Teaching Practice Educational FoundationsStaff
2911-May-201627-May-2016 Marking Educational FoundationsStaff
3025-Jun-201630-Jun-2016 External Moderation of Examinations Educational FoundationsStaff
3109-Jul-201617-Jul-2016 External Examiners Moderate Teaching Practice Educational FoundationsStaff
3210-Jul-201610-Jul-2016 Advertisement for Supplementary Examinations Educational FoundationsStudents
3325-Jul-201628-Jul-2016 Special/Supplementary Examinations Educational FoundationsStudents
3404-Aug-201604-Aug-2016 School Board Educational FoundationsStaff
3515-Aug-201626-Aug-2016 School Based Teaching August 2016 Educational Foundations Jamhuri High School Dr. Daniel K.Gakunga 0728088020
3602-Sep-201602-Sep-2016 Graduation Ceremony Educational Foundations
3705-Sep-201605-Sep-2016 First year (KCSE 2015 Cohort) reporting Educational FoundationsStudents
3805-Sep-201605-Dec-2016 Second Semester for Third Years (KCSE 2012 cohort Educational FoundationsStudents
3905-Sep-201605-Dec-2016 Second Semester for Fourth Years(KCSE 2011 Cohort) Educational FoundationsStudents